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Australian TEADIT Distributors


Australian TEADIT Distributors


TEADIT implements environmental management system according to ISO 14001  [11/05/2006]

Environmental protection is an obligatory guideline in the continual improvement of TEADIT product's development and production processes.
Proceeding considerately while continually integrating new knowledge and experiences assures that negative environmental impacts are reduced to an absolute minimum.
This has now been audited and confirmed by the TÜV and TEADIT has been issued with the ISO 14001 certificate.

High pressure, High Temperature stem valve packing TEADIT 2235 is API 589 fire-safe approved

The new packing style TEADIT 2235 is especially designed for high temperature and high pressure applications. The advanced construction of the packing, made from layers of flexible graphite tape, each of them covered with an Inconel® wire-mesh jacket, assures superior leakage control and distinguishes the packing with excellent mechanical and thermal stability.
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Australian TEADIT Distributors