Description and Applications

TEADIT® 30 SH is a highly advanced, large gasket-sheet, produced from 100% pure, multi-directionally expanded PTFE, for extreme application conditions.

The newly developed TEADIT 30 SH expanded PTFE gasket sheet provides - due to its much more homogeneous and considerably finer fibrillation - a drastically improved creep resistance compared to other ePTFE sheet materials, especially at elevated temperatures.

With TEADIT 30 SH, it is possible to make flange calculations according to EN 1591-1 (2014 version) for all dimensions.

TEADIT 30 SH is suitable for all types of flanges, nearly all media, a wide temperature range and particularly for applications with the toughest demands on purity.

TEADIT 30 SH has exceptional mechanical strength which allows operation with minimal creep at elevated temperatures; see technical data on page 2.

The excellent malleability of TEADIT 30 SH makes repairing of small defects and/or irregularities of the sealing area (flange surface) unnecessary.

Gaskets cut from TEADIT 30 SH have remarkable mechanical strength. They are dimensionally stable, i.e. they do not get wider when compressed. This allows narrow flange faces to be sealed safely.

TEADIT 30 SH is quick and easy to install. The used gasket can be removed effortlessly without residue.


  • TA-Luft
  • Blow-out VDI 2200
  • BAM Tested
  • FDA
  • DVGW
  • WRAS
  • ABS
  • USP Class VI
  • EU 1935/2004

Service Limits:

Temperature (ºC)
Minimum: -268
Maximum: +260
Pressure bar
From vaccuum to 200
Minimum: 0
Maximum: 14

Sheet Availability

Sheet Size (mm) 1500 x 1500
Thickness from 0,5mm up to 9,0mm
Colour White