Teadit® packing cutter facilitates the fast and correct cutting of braided packing rings. Two sizes available: for shafts up to 140mm and up to 320mm!

Packing Cutter with 45º Cutting Angle

The use of a packing cutter facilitates the cutting of packing rings directly from the spool without any waste of material.


  • easy to use
  • precise cutting of packing rings
  • always handy
  • close fitting joints


Directions for use:

Clamping down of packing cutter reduces risk of injuries!
Adjust packing cutter to correct shaft diameter and packing cross section: align the cross-section-index of the cross- section-slide with the index of the shaft diameter on the scale of the cutter. This way the necessary additional length is assured.
If you want to cut without any additional length, then you have to align the "O" of the cross-section-index with the shaft diameter plus cross section of the packing on the scale of the cutter.
Pull the packing from the spool (the end needs to have a 45° cut). Align this end with the 45° backstop of the slide and press the natural curvature of the packing flat onto surface of cutter. This is important for correct cutting and forming of ring!
Affix packing with clamp, then cut.
IMPORTANT: check the length of the first packing ring on the shaft (cut ends must meet, inner diameter of packing ring should be slightly bigger than shaft).
If found satisfactory, cut as many rings as you need. If not, re- adjust and check again.