Flange Protector

Teadit® Flange Protectors, the ultimate in safety precaution for the environment and plant personnel against unexpected spillage of aggressive chemicals

Although it’s not ideal, it is a fact that in certain circumstances in the industrial process spillage may occur. Flange Protectors can help to minimize the impact that these accidents can cause to the environment and to the plant personnel working nearby.

Teadit® Flange Protectors are designed to contain such chemical spillage within the Flange Protectors, assuring the safety of the plant personnel and the environment. They protect and contain the releases while giving the plant personnel time to safely intervene on the flange without exposing them to the spilling fluid.

The Flange Protectors are made with fabric and strings of pure PTFE, ensuring their resistance to weathering, degrading of polymers, rubber, and chemical attack. This allows for re-use of the Flange Protector for a longer period of time. The closure system consisting of Velcro and laces allows the installation and removal to be quick and safe. Thus, protecting the environment and employees from accidents.

Teadit Flange Protectors are manufactured within the strictest quality control and safety regulations. They are available in flange sizes ½” to 24”. Other dimensions are available upon special request.

Without a doubt, it is the best option in regard to Chemical Protection and Safety!