Tealon TF1580 | White

Tealon TF1580 (White) is filled with barium sulfate and is suitable for strong caustic fluids. It meets FDA conformance for service within food and pharmaceutical applications. 1580 can be used in a wide range of applications due to its vast resistance to most chemical products. It is compatible with strong acids along with strong caustics, making it the most diverse material within the Tealon family. With the white color of 1580, this material is also suitable for processes where contamination is not tolerated. Tealon 1580 meets and has been approved by BAM for oxygen service.

Approvals: DVGW — TA-Luft — FDA — BAM — Chlorine Institute — Blow-Out — ABS — EU 1935/2004

Hot Compression Test

This performance test measures the behavior of rPTFE and PTFE gaskets in a real world environment. The chart below shows a comparison between conventionally skived PTFE and Tealon. The gaskets we tested simulated a real world application including thermo-cycling. The skived PTFE gasket showed a very high leak rate, losing 60% of its initial pressure by the end of the test.

The Tealon gasket lost only 6% of its initial pressure by the end of the test and showed a leak 10 times less than that of the skived PTFE gasket. The pictures below, show the gaskets after the test and exhibit the dimensional stability of Tealon as compared to the noticeable creep of the skived PTFE gasket.

tealon teste

Thermo-Cycling Leak Test

Temperature cycles from 30ºC to 200ºC, with seating stress of 5000psi and using a gasket thickness of 1/8".


Thermo-Cycling Leak Test Condition

Operating Parameters TF1570 TF1580 TF1590
Temperature -268 to 260 ºC
Max. Pressure 55 bar (800 psig) 83 bar (1200 psig) 83 bar (1200 psig)
Pressure x Temperature - bar x ºC Thickness 1/16" 12.000
  Thickness 1/8" 8.600
Sheet Size 1500 mm x 1500 mm
Availability 0,5 mm up to 3,2 mm
Composition PTFE with glass microspheres PTFE with barium sulfate PTFE with silica
Physical Property Type of Test TF1570 TF1580 TF1590
Color   Blue White Fawn
Sealability (ml/h) ASTM F 37A 0.12 0.04 0.20
Creep Relaxation (%) ASTM F 38 40 24 18
Compressibility(%) ASTM F 36M 25-40 4-10 5-15
Recovery Min. (%) ASTM F 36M 30 40 40
Tensile Strength (MPa) ASTM F 152 14 14 14
"m" and "y" factor
Product Thickness
"m" "y" (psi)
TF1570 1.5 2 1,500
3 2 1,500
TF1580 1.5 2 1,800
3 2 1,500
TF1590 1.5 4.4 2,500
3 3.5 2,000

ASTM tests are based on 1/32" sheet thickness.