Fibreglass Rope Lagging

Fibreglass Rope Lagging Insulation is a very soft, flexible and pliable form of high temperature insulation. This rope has a smooth, round finish and can be easily compressed, shaped and wrapped. Despite its softness, it still possesses very good tensile strength and is an excellent thermal insulator. Fibreglass Rope Lagging is manufactured with a core made of dense, continuous filament bulked glass fibre. This core is then over-braided with an open mesh of continuous filament fibreglass yarns. The result is a soft, pliable and long lasting heat resistant rope that will withstand 550°C. Because it is made from fibreglass, Rope lagging has very good chemical resistance. Its dense core also helps ensure that it exhibits very good tensile strength. It does not breakdown when exposed to steam (even when saturated). Rope Lagging has very good heat dissipation properties and low thermal conductivity. This ensures you achieve excellent insulation performance from the physical space available.