Fibreglass Ladder Tape

Fibreglass Ladder Tape is a special kind of heat resistant tape used for making high temperature seals and gaskets. This tape is almost identical to our Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape with the exception of its construction. Yarns have been purposefully left out of the ladder tape so that bolts can be fit through easily. This removes the need for punching, reduces the chance of fraying and makes this heat insulation tape ideal for insulating furnaces, ovens, boiler doors and for high temperature gasketing. Sometimes called drop-weave tape in a nod to how it’s made, Fibreglass Ladder Tape is available in a selection of widths and thicknesses. Fibreglass Ladder Tape is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 550°C and has good mechanical strength. It is highly flexible with very good thermal properties that ensure very low rates of thermal conductivity. It also offers very good chemical and solvent resistance in addition to resisting attack from UV or sunlight. Since it’s made from fibreglass, this tape is extremely dielectric. It has good thickness consistency and the edges are made so that they reduce fraying.